About Us

he Curiosity Shoppe is housed in what originated as three seperate store fronts, buildings built at the turn of the 19th century. The first Ivinson Bank was one of those buildings. In the 1920’s the three building were joined together, resulting in the current building. The building is listed on the historic register.  After Woolworths closed in the late 1980’s the Curiosity Shoppe relocated here.

Customer service is our specialty as we strive to satisfy our loyal customers and are excited to welcome new ones.  Curiosity Shoppe buyers are responsive to the needs and wants of all our customers and will work their hardest to locate that special item even if it means ordering it in just for you!

Need help finding the perfect gift or accent for your home our staff of fun, friendly individuals are ready to lend a hand. Both local and visiting customers say shopping at the Curiosity Shoppe not only offers them a great variety of products but also a shopping adventure. It’s a place that you will find something for everyone including yourself.